Thursday 21 April 2011

The bend by the signpost that points the way to Spring

Today with camera in hand, I turned the bend by the signpost that points the way to Spring.
I took a few steps closer to the joy of this season, the vibrant hallelujah chorus to gardens, woods and lane.

Is it purely evolution that is responsible for the hazels covered with powdery tassels, for the almonds sprayed with pink petals, for the hawthorn bursting with bridal-white blossom.
Is it really just evolution that stains the copses with bluebells and cowslips?

I like to think that blind evolution could not of itself created a butterfly's wing. Only Mother Nature could have designed it. This is the month of miracles, the season of new life, when winter breaks the seals and life springs triumphant from the earth and bough.

Talking of new life, Radish my fur baby, is also enjoying his very first Spring and Sparky his gracious older brother is also enjoying, what I hope with all my heart, is not his last.


  1. This is my first Spring here; loving everyday of it! XOL

  2. Dear Happy Homemaker
    You couldnt have picked a better one
    Happy Easter