Wednesday 30 March 2011

Well its been a while and still nothing about food!

Why has it been so long? Lack of creativity, motivation, a boring life with nothing to report, oh no most definitely not. Fundamental to any blog, lack of computer, which is obviously sorted now. Mrs T-J is back and Radish's post bag is full! He is a tad stressed

But he is no slacker and very committed to his job as Agony Dog.

Dear Radish
Why does my greyhound Maisy grin at me. She gets this big, gummy grin on her face like she's heard a secret joke. What does she think is so funny?

Love, my Dog's Favourite Toy

Dear Favourite Toy

First of all can I commend Maisy on her spectacular grin (be rest assured it is a grin and not a snarl, greyhounds are particularly good at them I have to say). Maisy smiles at you because she thinks you are the funniest thing she has ever seen, in the nicest possible way.

You walk on only 2 legs, although us dogs acknowledge that will account for why you cant run as fast as us. You can hardly hear the phone ringing, much less the ice-cream van from 3 streets away. Your nose is so tender that you actually think its disgusting to smell your friend's bottoms. No wonder Maisy has a good laugh when you are around.

Besides, she thinks you're the dearest creature, she wouldnt have you any other way and you light up her world and bring the biggest smile of all to her face.

Grinningly yours,
Radish :-D


  1. Dear Radish.
    Why does my mummy get cross when we go walking and i roll in mud! I love it and it makes me look like a chocolate Lab. It goes in my ears and up my nose. She thinks I am going Mad. Is this normal or am i just BONKERS !!!
    Chummy bum Sniffs
    Luv Dyl Bob xx

  2. Dear Dyl Bob me old mucker

    You see us dogs and our human pets agree on so much dont we? But there are a few things that divide us. You see dont you agree, mud smells fantastic, all those gorgeous earthy tones, I mean I cant resist it myself either. To be honest I love eating a bit of horse poo as well, but you ought to see the pet Mother go nuts about that! Learning its not worth it. Yeah mud is great, feels great, smells great, mud is fun! But at my tender age of 9 months I am learning also that the pet Mothers hate our association with it. As irrestible as it is, it gives them no end of work cleaning the stuff off once its dried on our fur. I try my best but am wondering if I can resist the mud fix in the future,

    Anyway they get their own back dont they? What is it with those scented candles, air fresheners and perfume? Makes me feel proper sick, I run a mile when she starts spraying. Anyway small price to pay for the bonios eh Dyl bob mate? Keep it real and just try and show some restraint with the mud bro, sometimes winding up the momma pets is more hassle than its worth.

    yours with muddy appreciation, Radish