Saturday 5 March 2011

Just ask Radish!

Dear Radish

My dog follows me everywhere. She doesnt let me out of her sight. Is she worried about me? Or does she find me endlessly fascinating? You see no one has ever been that into me.

yours quizzically,
Boring to Everybody but my dog

Dear Boring

You are the most delightful and interesting person in the whole world to your dog companion. She adores your every move and will be there just in case you need some extra loving or emotional support.

Besides, and I speak from experience, you are the source of her fondest desires - food, walks, kisses and snuggles!

Always in to you


hmmm where has the blonde one gone? Time for a bonio or two surely

1 comment:

  1. Dear Radish

    Why have you posted that picture of yourself, you have grown up so much since then, are you trying to charm people into leaving comments by your young puppy cuteness. Shame on you.

    your besotted, Mummyxxx